Made for the Taku Game Jam in 4 days time.

Basically, it took me 3 days to have an idea and  1 day to make the game.

Arrow keys to move. The bar on the upper side protects you but moves on itself. Stay focused!

This is a simple survival game where you have to survive under the rain as long as you can! Playable by short sessions.


Download 23 MB
Version 1 May 28, 2019
Download 23 MB
Version 1 May 28, 2019


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other than the fact that nightmare and creepy are easier than normal, its pretty fun (if a bit simple). Good job

Thank you!

For info:

Normal => Standard speed, a big enemy spawn every 5 seconds
Creepy => Fast speed, a big enemy spawn every 5 seconds
Nightmare => Fast speed, a big enemy spawn every 2.5 seconds

Interesting position balance...

Higher -> Less time to react to changes of direction, but more leeway to avoid big enemy by moving down

Lower -> More time to react, but if too low must avoid big enemy by moving up which goes against the rain

Stiff controls are tough, though. It seems to act as a barrier between my actual dexterity and the character motion, so I'm not sure if I lost because I lack reactivity or just because of the fixed speed. I know it's the standard for many bullet hells, I just question it every time it puts me to disadvantage (or at least I think so... Maybe if I had the option to toggle it, I could compare).

But for a 1-day implementation, good job anyway.

Thanks for your comment! I had to rush some things because I had no time to implement everything, and I know there is also a bug with the hi-scores, but the rules of the game jam don't allow me to make patches... I'll probably do them after the results! Thanks for the constructive criticism!