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20 tracks for your game!

Pay only once. You will be granted instant access to the soundtrack and get the incoming updates for free! Alternatively, the demo version contains the 4 first tracks. You can download it for free if you want a small preview!

Tracks are actually in .ogg and .m4a format.

Actual state:

Finished! Yay!
Some additional tracks might be added in a close future!

Preview : "Who Will Save The Day ?" (track 12)


The original pack:
  1. Never Forget My Name
  2. Road to No Redemption
  3. Engage
  4. Final Wrath
  5. Rise of the Negative Youth
  6. Dystopian Authority
  7. Afterworld
  8. The Fallen Goddess
  9. A New Year, A New Reason To Stay Savage
  10. Hostile
  11. Law Of The Streets (this is the actual track in the video preview)
  12. Who Will Save The Day?
  13. Inside The Machine
  14. Confront
  15. Le Prix de la Violence

Bonus 1

16. Awakening
17. Walk, Little Robot
18. Mechanic Utopia
19. I Miss Those Days
20. Good Ending (Awakening II)


All these tracks are ready to use, I mean, there are both loopable and seamless! Yey! If you use RPG Maker, just copy/paste everything inside the "audio/bgm" folder. If you're using Unity, you will likely just need the ogg. I recommend to paste them inside a "audio" folder, but you do as you please.

Credits given to Frelon-K is appreciated.

I made these tracks with FLStudio, along with the FMDrive virtual instrument, made by Aly James Lab.

Hey, Frelon-K, could you make me a soundtrack?

Of course I can! If you want custom music for your game! That's nice, because I'm looking for games to score! So feel free to contact me!
Give me a shout on My Twitter!

Release date Jan 09, 2020
AuthorHefka Games
Made withFL Studio, Audacity
Tags16bits, megadrive, ost, sega, soundtrack
LinksYouTube, Ko-Fi, Twitter


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MegaDrive Music Pack - The 15 original tracks 71 MB
Version 3
MegaDrive Music Pack - Bonus 1 : 5 tracks 87 MB
Version 1

Download demo

MegaDrive Music Pack - Free samples 24 MB
Version 1

Development log


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Wow!!! That songs remind me a lot of "Dune: The Battle for Arrakis" of Mega Drive! Good work!

Thank you Rakuen Zero, glad you like it! I made two other tracks during Christmas, so expect an update in the next days! \o/
Expect a track that could be paired with "Final Wrath", here is the video of this track I'll soon include in the pack, just below

Thanks again!