Warcat Parade - devlog from September 2022


Oh, and if you don't speak Franch, here are the full list of changes!

Please note! This only affects the final version of the game, not the demo!

  • Revambed background of level 1
  • Started background of level 4.
  • A new foe for all levels, just here for game design.
  • New foe for level 4.
  • New variant for the scorpion.
  • Level design of level 4 continued.
  • Fixed a bug after clearing a boss.
  • Boss 3 designed.
  • Boss 3 coded, it's OK now!
  • New SFX after clearing a boss, a one who goes PSCHIAOOOUUUUAHAAAAHHH!
  • Annoying "various bug fixed".
  • A kawaii intro panel for all levels!
  • New musics, soundtrack made up to 80%.

Cheers! Nyan!

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