Please note: this is an art submission for the Art Jam 2021, not a real game, so there isn't much to do here! the theme of the Art Jam is Anachronism. Even if this jam is ranked, I don't mind if I'm not in the winners. Next week-end will come the Global Game Jam and I needed a warming up challenge to sharpen my skills ^_^.

Made with Ableton Suite 10 by Frelon-K.

The track is non-loopable and lasts  5:17. You can donwload it in MP3 format for free.

I hope you'll enjoy! ^_^


Download 7 MB


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I absolutely love this! omg lol, this definately has Anachronism all over it.

Thank you! <3
Ah, yey, the jam is finished! And you remind me I will have to check the submissions ;)

Ha ha, glad I did :)