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NekoPunk is currently under development.

I submitted a demo version in order to receive your feedbacks, before I go further in the dev!If you find a bug, please notice me, if you have a suggestion, please notice me! Oh, and this page is also under construction, so I will write a better description later. Please note! The Linux and Mac version have not been tested! They should work fine, but I can't test them myself. Also, this demo contains some placeholders and anything may be modified. Final version will be non-free.

This is a roguelite where you play as Miss Cyanure, the ultimate weapon. A living weapon, a catgirl with a rifle, created to annihilate resistance. However, she refuses her fate so she attack her creators instead. Help her to escape the lab! And do some havoc by the way.

The demo version contain 3 levels and a boss level, each of these are procedurally generated. There are around 200 different rooms when I am writing this description. Of course, the final version will have way more rooms.

Hey, RTFM! I strongly recommend to do the tutorial in the first place ;).

If you play with the keyboard

ZQSD or WASD to move.
Left click to shoot. and yeah, you can hold the button.
Right click to dash (it makes you briefly invincible).
Escape to pause.
E to buy something in the shop. (if you have the money ;) )
Tab to switch weapon (you need at least 2 weapons before you can use this button)

If you play with a PS4/5 Controller

Directional pad to move in the menus.
Move the left stick to move your character.
Move the right stick to aim and fire.
L1 or R1 to dash
Options to Pause.
Triangle to buy something in the shop.
L2 or R2 to switch weapon.

Everything is an original idea from Franck Poulhon alias Frelon-K.
Softwares used:

Unity Engine
Ableton Suite 10
Visual Studio


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

NekoPunk for Windows, v0.14.1 56 MB
Version 6
NekoPunk for Linux, v0.13.0 70 MB
Version 3
NekoPunk for Mac OSX, v0.13.0 65 MB
Version 2
[DLC] The Soundtrack Of NekoPunk 86 MB
if you pay $10 USD or more
Version 1

Download demo

Nekopunk-DEMO for Windows 43 MB
Version 7
Nekopunk-DEMO for Linux 58 MB
Version 5
Nekopunk-DEMO for Mac OSX 53 MB
Version 5

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The game was pretty fun! I don't have much negative stuff to say about it as generally most of my complaints just come from the game not being finished (lack of a boss, zone variation, etc..) My only complain is that, I did find that the game  way too easy, you got way too many health drops. (also would be appreciate if maybe there was a discord server to chat about the game and with the creator)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback! These were only the first levels, the easiest ones, and the next zones will take place in different zones. Bosses are planned, so don't worry about that! Actually, there is no Discord, but if some people ask for it, I'll create it! And I take note about the health drops, I'll lower the drop rate. Anyway, thanks, I'll think about a Discord ;)